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Sister to Sister Women’s Conference


Thinking of hosting a S2S conference? 

Here are some things you will need to know!



Host Church/Group responsibilities:


  • We have found that the best S2S hosts have prepared ahead of time by putting together a committee or women’s ministry group that will handle the local arrangements, and/or recruit as needed. It can be a great time of bonding for your ladies to work together toward preparing this conference to be the best that it can be! Covering the event in prayer is key.



  • We can provide pictures/posters/flyers for you to copy, or you may provide your own. 

  • Any form of advertisement you can come up with is a plus; i.e. church bulletin/newsletter/website, Facebook and other social media, mailing to church's mailing list, community bulletins in newspapers, online or TV, flyers to churches in your area.



  • We can provide a registration form for you to copy, or you may make your own.

  • Registration fee for the conference is typically $25 - $30 per attendee (flexible)

  • You may choose to charge $5 less for teens to encourage young ladies to attend

  • You may split the fee for those who cannot make it to both days (for example $10 for Fri night only and $15 for Sat only) (flexible according to the total fee you choose)

  • Some churches have charged a lesser fee when they felt the amount might hinder attendance. Instead, they paid an agreed-upon amount for musician and speaker, or took a love offering.  Some have increased the price as they felt their population would respond better to a higher fee (in some locations interpreted to indicate a higher quality program.)                                                                         


  • Friday night refreshments, Saturday morning coffee and continental breakfast if you choose, Saturday lunch

  • Depending on finances, some churches have provided the food by having their people make and/or bring the food, or partially donating the food and buying some. Others have ordered sandwich trays or used a caterer for lunch. It’s a nice touch to have some men available to serve and clean up, so the ladies can continue to engage in the conference.



  • The testimony session on Saturday morning is designed as an opportunity for the attendees to hear from ladies from your church and/or your area about what God is doing in their midst. It has proven to be a very meaningful time! Preference is for 2 to 4 women to be asked ahead of time to prepare and share for 10-15 minutes each (time allotment depending on how many). An option with a small group is for the sharing to be spontaneous, or a combination of planned and spontaneous testimonies.


Fluff time

  • Invite people from your church/area to set up tables with their goods/services. This is a time for the ladies to have fun, bond, relax and enjoy!

  • Provide rooms/space and tables as needed for fluff time

  • Examples: chair massages, manicures, makeovers, jewelry, arts & crafts, exercise classes, foot spa, prayer room, coffee & canvas, photo booth, etc.

  • You may be flexible and creative with this time, however you choose!


Decorating & housekeeping

  • Decorating for the theme is preferable and can add a lot to the atmosphere!

  • Set-up and clean-up


Technical support

  • Screen operator for projecting PowerPoint (or similar system)

  • Sound system, sound operator

  • Possible need for instruments to be provided – if flying


Housing for out-of-town guests on the program, as needed/requested


Door prizes – fun to have, but optional (Some have solicited area businesses for gift certificates and various kinds of gifts.)


Gift bags – fun to have a little goodie bag for the ladies as they arrive (optional)













Nevel Music responsibilities:


Program planning

  • Schedule

  • Sister to Sister format



  • Finding and booking the speaker, communicating all details, deciding on a theme with the speaker (church may have input if desired). Julie is an option for speaker.


Travel arrangements

  • For speaker, musicians or others who are invited to be on the program



  • Preparation of all praise & worship songs and special music

  • Will bring sound system if needed (if driving)

  • Will bring keyboard and other instruments as needed (if driving)

  • Preparation of PowerPoint for song lyrics

  • Booking band when applicable, and dramatist(s) when applicable



  • Willing to provide folders, pens & name tags as needed

  • Willing to provide contents of folders; i.e. schedule, bio’s, notepaper as needed (Some churches do their own brochure/pamphlet with schedule, etc.)



  • All registration fee money will go to Nevel Music or to the host church/group to disburse accordingly (this must be determined ahead of time). Please keep receipts for materials, food (if paying for food rather than donations or pitch-in), and any other incurred expenses that go beyond what the church is willing/able to provide. The registration money will go toward the fees and traveling expenses of the speaker and musicians, graphic art work for advertising, and miscellaneous expenses.


Thank you!!  I look forward to working with you to provide this exciting ministry opportunity for women in your area!  Please contact me with any questions.  I am happy to “custom fit” S2S to your needs!  Blessings, Julie , cell (717)319-3226, website



Sister 2 Sister Sample Schedule





  6:00pm  -  Registration begins


  7:00pm  -  Main Session #1 – Welcome, Praise & Worship, Speaker (also may include ice breaker, short skit, door prizes)


  9:00pm  -  Refreshments & Fellowship





  8:30am  -  Continental breakfast & Registration for Saturday-only Registrants


  9:00am  -  Main Session #2 – Praise & Worship, Speaker (also may include short skit, door prizes)


10:30am  -  Take a break!


11:00am  -  Testimony Session


12:00pm  -  Lunch


12:45pm  -  Fluff time / connecting time


  2:15pm  -  Main Session #3 – Praise & Worship, Speaker, Invitation for prayer and/or             decisions.  Also may include short skit, door prizes)

  3:30pm  -  Prayer & ministry time, closing

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